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Welcome to the homepage of the Knightsbridge Security Group.

To determine the most beneficial way to support clients' requirements into the future, Knightsbridge has conducted an extensive evaluation of the geopolitical conditions around the world, the direction of the security industry, future computer technology advancements, physical protection needs and the probable requirements of corporate security.

KSG provides a comprehensive solution to outsourcing the corporate security function. Knightsbridge can co-ordinate the execution of your corporate security function with the use of technological advancements in communications, computer technology and a working relationship with key individuals in the organisation. This solution will provide reduced staffing levels whilst maintaining and administering a comprehensive security programme. A cost benefit analysis will prove the business case for this concept.

Many companies, although downsizing, are expanding on a worldwide basis to capitalise on world market opportunities. These companies must address the security requirements of expatriate personnel, political risk analysis and crisis management.

Through our group companies we offer a range of executive and corporate security services. To learn more about what we can offer you or your company, follow the navigation links on the left of this screen.

Important information regarding Knightsbridge Guarding. This company is no longer part of the Knightsbridge Security Group. You should go to or phone 020 7332 2701. Recruitement enquiries should be emailed to




Company Philosophy

The aim of Knightsbridge Security Group is to be a single source provider of physical and high technology security solutions, available to corporations and governments worldwide. The basis for this has been accomplished through acquisitions, strategic mergers and integration of synergistic technologies. The components of a single source solution are integrated into one 'full solution' service by Knightsbridge Security Group. Clients' security needs can thus be satisfied with consistent quality, value and service.



Knightsbridge Security Systems will soon be opening an online shop retailing selected security and other products that offer our customers innovative products at prices we believe represent better value than our competitors.

The store is under construction but in order to bring the products to your attention you can browse the catalogue in the store and order direct from Knightsbridge Security Systems on 0207 581 2671 or email;